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Episode #63:
How Coaching Shattered my World-View and Changed my Life
August 11, 2022


This month on the podcast, we're doing a 3 part series to introduce you to the transformative power of coaching.

You'll hear my story, where I get super real and vulnerable about my struggles and how coaching helped me overcome them.

And then you get to meet two of my clients and learn from their experiences.

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Episode #62:
How boundaries are just another way to show unconditional love
August 4, 2022


In this week's podcast, I introduce you to a new and different way to think about boundaries. Plus, I help you let go of guilt when it comes to enforcing them.

After listening, you might just start doing things differently, and you'll be so glad that you did.

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Episode #61:
The Be-Do-Have Framework to Help You Create the Future You Want
July 28, 2022


In this week’s podcast, I introduce you to a new framework and teach you exactly how to use it, to help you achieve new goals and shift your identity.

Listen in and share it with a friend.

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Episode #60:
The 3 Questions You Need to Evaluate Anything
July 21, 2022


In this week's podcast, I share with you the three questions you can use to evaluate almost anything (programs, presentations, vacations, etc) and learn how to make it better next time.

Listen in and share it with a friend.

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Episode #59:
Why we procrastinate and how to stop
July 14, 2022


In this week's podcast episode, I teach you why your brain procrastinates and how to interrupt your own procrastination cycle, so you can increase your productivity and have more time for the things you love.

Listen in and share it with a friend.

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Episode #58:
Why you have trouble asking for what you want and what to do about it
July 07, 2022


In this week's podcast episode, I break down exactly why this happens, and what to do about it.

Listen in to learn how to stop being afraid and finally ask for what you want in life.

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Episode #57:
The 3 Things You Need to Knock Any Presentation Out of the Park
June 30, 2022


I've taken everything I've learned from my personal experience and professional training and distilled it into the top 3 things you need to deliver an impactful presentation.

This episode is high-yield! Enjoy and share it with a friend.

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Episode #56:
Creating Thoughts on Purpose and Morning Journaling
June 23, 2022


On this week's podcast, I share why it's important to get started and how to stay consistent. I pack all you need to know in this short 10-minute episode.

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Episode #55:
Creating Space for the Discomfort
June 16, 2022


In this week's podcast episode, I teach you how to cross the gap from where you are now to where you want to be, by creating space to feel the discomfort.

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Episode #54:
The Power of Intention Setting
June 9, 2022


Did you know you have a super power at your disposal, that you can use at any time?!?!?!

Something that's been used for centuries outside of the western world, accessed by some of our own ancestors, and also scientifically proven to work.

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Episode #53:
Living and Leading with ADHD with Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh
June 2, 2022


In this week's podcast episode, I speak with ADHD expert, Dr. Diana Mercado. Dr. Mercado was diagnosed with ADHD while she was in medical school. Being diagnosed and starting treatment was a huge blessing for her and changed the trajectory of her career.

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Episode #52:
Negotiations: Everything You Need to Prepare for a Successful Negotiation
May 26, 2022


On this week's podcast I walk you through, step-by-step, the three things you need to do to prepare for a successful negotiation.

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Episode #51:
How to Lead with Self-Compassion, All Questions Answered
May 19, 2022

On this week's podcast I give you 3 actionable tips (and a lot of other nuggets) on how you can show up and be a human-centered leader.

Listen in to this episode where Latina leader, Paula Castillo, and successful entrepreneur, Jessica Carter ask me all about becoming the kind of leader you always wish you had.

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Episode #50:
How to be ALL IN on You
May 12, 2022

This week on the podcast I go into detail on the importance of cultivating an unwavering sense of self-love. I also walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to do it.

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Episode #49:
Money Part 5: With Dr. Boonie Koo, Money Mindset, Investment and Personal Finance Expert
May 5, 2022

On this weeks podcast I interview a friend, colleague and Money Expert, Dr. Bonnie Koo. Bonnie is a board-certified dermatologist who's passionate about teaching personal finance strategies for women physicians.

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Episode #48:
Money Part 4: With Dr. Kate Mangona, Latina Physician and Investment Expert
April 28, 2022

On this weeks podcast I bring on my friend, colleague and investment expert, Dr. Kate Mangona. Dr. Mangona is a Latina, mother of 3, and practicing radiologist, she's the host of the podcast Medicine, Marriage and Money, and co-leads a financial freedom movement with her physician husband.

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Episode #47:
Money Part 3: With Personal Finance and Miney Expert
April 21, 2022

Listen in and learn:

  • How to break generational poverty
  • What holds you back from creating the financial future you want
  • Tangible next steps to get you started on your way to financial security
  • How to create financial freedom regardless of where you're starting from
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Episode #46:
Money Part 2: With Dr. Latifat Akintade, Personal Finance Expert
April 14, 2022


This week's podcast guest, Dr. Latifat, is on a mission to change that. In this week's podcast, we discuss how the confidence gap was created and how to start intentionally closing that gap.

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Episode #45:
Money Part 1: Why You Have It and Why You Don't
April 7, 2022


On this weeks episode, I'll help you get clear on why you have money AND why you don't. And, what to start doing now to create more money in your life.

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Episode #44:
Difficult Decisions: How to Make the Right One Using the Clean Space Framework
March 31, 2022


How do you want to make charged or difficult decisions?

Do you want to make them when your upset, sad or angry?

Most of you will say NO, but in reality, this is often what happens.

When we're unhappy with a job, relationship or other circumstance, we have a combination of conscious and subconscious thoughts about the circumstance.

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Episode #43:
How Feeling Disappointed is a Super Power
March 24, 2022


Disappointment is a difficult emotion.

It feels so terrible in our bodies, that our brain is wired to do everything it can to avoid it.

This means we'll often avoid asking for a raise, applying for a new job, or going on a date because we're afraid to feel disappointed if things don't work out.

You may think what you're avoiding is failure (and you wouldn't be wrong), but at a deeper level, you're avoiding how failure makes you feel (hint, hint: disappointed).

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Episode #42:
Kindness vs. People Pleasing
March 17, 2022


I used to argue with my coach. I was stubborn, had a big ego, and when the things she said didn't match up with the way I had been living my life, then I did everything I could to prove her wrong.

In this weeks episode we talk about how the trauma response of people pleasing developed and how to tune into yourself and know it's showing up.

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Episode #41:
Part 2: The Evolution of the Inner Critic and How to Silence It
March 10, 2022


In last week's podcast episode we discussed the evolution of the inner critic, the internal judgmental voice in our heads. As you get older, your inner critic becomes your worst enemy, and the one thing standing in the way of your success and happiness.

In today's episode, you'll learn how to weaken your inner critic, and instead strengthen your inner-sage. Strengthening your inner sage has exponential benefits including improving your overall happiness and joy and inner peace.



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Episode #40:
Part 1: The Evolution of the Inner Critic and How to Silence It
March 3, 2022


Everyone has an inner critic, even the person that appears to be the most confident. Why? Because the human brain evolved to have an inner critic, it's part of our primitive brains wiring for survival.

However, as you grow it becomes your worst enemy, and one of the biggest things that stands in the way of your success, your happiness, your inner peace.

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Episode #39:
How to Create Confidence Using the 4C's
February 24, 2022


Being confident is easy when you can draw on evidence that you're good at something. 

But how do you build confidence around something you've never done?

On this episode I walk you through the 4C's, a formula to build confidence that's easy to understand and to put into practice. 


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Episode #38:
The 6 Resiliency Building Blocks for a Better Life
February 17, 2022


Resilience is the ability to thrive in challenging circumstances – it means you can bounce back quickly from difficult situations.

Resiliency is commonly mistaken with endurance which is a more rigid mindset where you're continually pushing your body and mind to the limit without giving up.

In this episode, I'll walk you through the 6 resiliency building blocks and give you a framework for how to improve your day-to-day to ensure your continually building your resiliency muscles.

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Episode #37:
EQ for Leaders and Non-Violent Communication
February 10, 2022


There's a ton of data to show the more emotionally intelligent you are as a leader, the better your overall metrics are (team dynamics, team engagement, end-of-year revenue) including your happiness, career longevity and sense of purpose.

On this weeks podcast, I bring on a Latina Leader and Mindfulness expert, Paula Castillo MPP, to teach you one incredible skill, Non-Violent Communication, to increase your emotional intelligence and improve your communication.


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Episode #36:
How to Get Back on Track to Achieve the Goals You Set
February 3, 2022


It's check in time for your New Years Resolutions!

If you've slowed down on your goals and aren't as excited about them as you were when you were setting them, you're not alone.

Most people lose steam about 20 days. If this is you, it's okay and it's not too late to get back on track with your goals.

Listen in to learn a process to get you back and on track and 4 powerful questions to ensure you stay on track throughout the year.

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Episode #35:
The Cognitive Thought Model: How to Think Positive Thoughts on Purpose
January 25, 2022


Have you ever wondered how some people are able to get so much done regardless of whatever events life throw their way?

For example, how does a young mom of 2 kids under 5, run an entire Emergency Department, exercise daily, have a great marriage, and start a successful business?

On this weeks podcast, I introduce you to a powerful and simple tool that is rooted in ancient philosophy and has been successfully used since 300 BCE.

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Episode #34:
Wellness: 6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Optimism Muscle
January 19, 2022


Did you know people that choose to be optimistic versus pessimistic live longer, are less stressed, depressed and age slower (literally, their skin has less wrinkles and they look younger).

Yes, some people are just born happier than others, in fact 30% of optimism is genetic, but this also means that 70% is a skill you can learn.

On this weeks podcast, I share 6 practical and evidence-based ways to improve your optimism muscle.

Listen in and choose one that resonates with you, practice it for 21 days, and see what else changes in your life.

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Episode #23:
How to Stop People-Pleasing with Expert Sara Bybee Fisk
October 10, 2021


If you want to learn how to stop people pleasing, listen to this weeks podcast episode. I interview Latina and People Pleasing expert, Sara Bybee Fisk.

We cover:

  • What exactly people-pleasing is
  • How it gets in the way of you living and leading with integrity
  • How to recognize when your people-pleasing tendency is showing up
  • 3 tangible ways to stop people-pleasing
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Episode #14:
Patterns and Dynamics in Relationships and Friendships: How to change the ones that suck
August 6, 2021


Have you noticed when you get around certain people the same dynamics always play out? Perhaps you get in the same recurring argument with your mom or sister. Maybe when you're with your friends you're never the funny one, or you're always giving in to what they want?

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Episode #13:
How to feel uncomfortable feelings
July 15, 2021 


Very few people in the world want to feel uncomfortable or have negative feelings. In fact, most of us try our hardest to avoid them. We choose to eat instead of feel, watch Netflix, clean and organize, or drink instead of feeling. It's like we think we signed a contract when we were born that says that we're never supposed to feel bad. But the purpose of life is not to feel happy or positive all of the time. On the contrary, the purpose of life is to feel all of life's emotions, the good and the bad, and find peace in all of it. The more we can deeply feel every emotion life throws our way, the fuller our lives will be. In this episode, I'll teach you how to feel all of life's emotions, especially the most uncomfortable ones (i.e. guilt, shame, sadness, insecurity, overwhelm).

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Episode #12:
Don't wait to be dying to do what you love: live your bucket list now!
June 29, 2021 


Have you noticed when death is near it bring with it the urgency to live? Why do we need a death sentence, like a terminal diagnosis, or experiencing the death of a loved one to suddenly be activated to do the things we want in our lives? What would it be like if we lived our bucket list now? Being close to death creates an armor that softens what otherwise would be normal mortal fears, like the fear of failure or the fear of humiliation. Listen and learn: (1) why it's so hard for us to live life to it's fullest (like we were dying), and (2) how to create a more joyful life that brings inner peace everyday. 

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Episode #11:
Arrival Fallacy and Enjoying the Ride of Life
June 23, 2021 

Are you waiting to reach your next goal before you can finally celebrate, be happy, feel successful, or spend more time with loved ones? If so you might be experiencing what positive psychologist call Arrival Fallacy. Arrival fallacy is the illusion that once we attain our next goal or reach our destination, we will also reach happiness. It's the idea that there (there being your next goal) is better than here, right now. Arrival fallacy causes us to by hyper-focused on the goal and as a byproduct we miss out on enjoying life every step of the way.  Listen and learn about the thought errors that lead to arrival fallacy, how it shows up in our everyday lives, and what you can do to shift out of it so it doesn't rob you of enjoying life right now.

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Episode #10:
All about meditation (and how it will change your life): how it started, how to use it, what to avoid when starting
June 16, 2021


Do you know why meditation is such a hot topic these days? Plain and simple, it's because it works! Meditation has been practiced since 5,000 BC and didn't become a thing in the US until the 1950's. Now we can't get enough. Listen in to learn all the proven health benefits of meditation, how to practice it and some common pitfalls to be aware of. If you commit to practicing meditation, even by starting with just one minute a day, it will change your life. I'll explain how to start and what to watch out for in the beginning.

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Episode #9:
The Human Stress Response: how it shows up even in everyday life stressors AND how to turn it OFF

June 09, 2021

All about the human stress response, i.e. our fight/flight response, and how it shows up during our everyday life stressors (like getting in a fight with your spouse or being cut off in traffic). You'll learn how your everyday emotional triggers are actually causing the same exact stress reaction as a life-threatening event. And, I teach you one powerful tool to outsmart your brain and turn off your stress response so you can always respond thoughtfully to any event life throws your way.

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Episode #8:
STOP hating on yourself and get SH*T done
May 27, 2021

Why are you always hating on yourself, especially about the things that you're the most insecure about? And, don't worry you're not alone. EVERYONE does this because we're all human, with human brains and a sh*t load of insecurities. But, you can be smarter than your brain and not let the negative self-talk B.S. keep you from creating great things in the world.

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Bonus Episode:
What the h*ll is this podcast about anyway? And who are the "Latinx People"?
May 26, 2021

Prescription for Latinx Success is dedicated to the advancement of the Latinx community. The podcast uses the perfect combination of science, psychology and thought work to support the personal and professional development of Latinxs. Because when Latinxs succeed, they create programs, jobs and opportunities for their community. And, thriving Latinxs are examples for their communities of what's possible when they work smart, build successful careers, financial freedom, loving families and always stay connected to their heritage. Listen in and learn how you can create financial success, thriving businesses and loving families, and honor your roots.

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Episode #7:
F*CK FAILURE... and other things successful Latinxs do
May 19, 2021

Failure is an inevitable part of every successful Latinx. Even though that's true it's still a miserable thing to experience. No matter how many fluffy inspirational quotes you read about it, nothing makes failure feel good in the moment. But, I refuse to let the fear of failure hold me back and I'm committed to not letting it hold you back either.

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Episode #6:
How to create the results you want in life
May 4, 2021

Want to lose weight, make more money? Have more fulfilled relationships? Listen in for one proven tool to create all the results you want in life.

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Episode #5:
I hate to say it, BUT WOMEN ARE WIRED TO OVERTHINK. So, what can we do about it? 
April 28, 2021

As annoying as the stereotype is, science has proven that women's brains are more active leading to neurobiological differences that make it more likely for women to overthink compared to men. So, ladies, what can we do about this? how can we use our neurodiversity to work for us and make us better leaders? And, what can do to avoid the detrimental thought spiral?

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Episode #4:
Social Comparison: Why am I always comparing myself to others? 
April 21, 2021

Why do you always compare yourself to other people, especially when it makes you feel so bad about yourself? Learn all about social comparison, why we do it and how to use it to propel you forward.

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Episode #3:
The Power of Authenticity 
April 12, 2021

If it's so easy to just be yourself, why are less than half of humans doing it? Why is it so hard to be authentic? Learn all about authenticity and how to use it powerfully in leadership and human connection.

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Episode #2:
Power Planning: Time Mastery Solved
April 1, 2021

No more running around like an overwhelmed Tasmanian Devil. I'm giving you one badass tool to help you finally master your time and create more peace and joy in your life. This can work for everyone from procrastinators to perfectionists.

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Episode #1:
The Busyness Dilemma
March 9, 2021 

If you're busy all the time it's likely NOT because of your to-do list. Get to the bottom of your main underlying beliefs that keep you busy instead of effective and stop wasting time on things that don't matter. 

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