Episode #14:

Patterns and Dynamics in Relationships and Friendships: How to Change the Ones that Suck

August 6, 2021


Episode #14: Patterns and Dynamics in Relationships and Friendships: How to change the ones that suck

Have you noticed when you get around certain people the same dynamics always play out? Perhaps you get in the same recurring argument with your mom or sister. Maybe when you're with your friends you're never the funny one, or you're always giving in to what they want?

These dynamics are a type of pattern that we've adopted for the most part without question. Some of them lead to neutral or positive feelings so they're no big deal. But some can lead to negative feelings and it's uncomfortable and a bit shitty to always have the same negative feelings come up when you're around certain people or certain circumstances.

What if you could change those patterns and ultimately change those negative feelings?

In this episode, we talk about how those patterns are formed in our brain, how they show up for us in our everyday lives, and how to change the patterns that aren't serving us.

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