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You're liked by most and well known for always being helpful.

If someone brings you a problem, odds are you can figure it out.

You pride yourself on mentoring new talent.

From the outside looking in, you've got it made.

But, things aren't super rosy on the inside.


You're at or near the top of your companies leadership ladder.


  • You were so good at being available, always wanting to help, but you never created work boundaries.
  • You don't want to approach your boss about boundaries because you're afraid to disappoint them.
  • You thought once you got promoted or had a little more experience, you'd stop doubting yourself, but you realize the insecurity is still there.
  • You've perfected working hard and are constantly trying to maximize your productivity. You even check emails when you're going to the bathroom, but now you have trouble disconnecting and turning off your work brain when you're home.
  • You're often the only WOC in meetings. You want to make sure your voice is heard, but you're afraid to speak honestly because you don't want to ruffle any feathers.
  • As one of the few people of color, you have a heavy sense of obligation (maybe even guilt) and think you have to be the one that solves your companies diversity problem.
  • You thought you needed to talk a certain way or dress a certain to keep getting promoted. And, somewhere along the way you stopped showing up as the authentic you. 


You're a natural leader, ready to execute when given the opportunity.


  • You want to be a great manager, inspire your team, support them to grow, though you were never taught how.
  • You compare yourself to others and are afraid what you have to say isn't good enough, smart enough or won't sounds  professional enough.
  • You struggle being direct when you communicate. You think it's because you want to be nice. But, really it's because you want everyone to like you.
  • The thought of anyone not liking you give you anxiety.
  • You know presenting and public speaking is important, but just the thought of it makes your palms sweaty.
  • You're good at what you do, but you find yourself taking a really long time to complete tasks because you always need them to be perfect.


Whether you're the Boss or the Aspiring Boss,

I see you and I've got you.

Why is that no matter where you are in your career, whether you're at the top of your game, or on the way there, you still have self-doubt, guilt and fear of disappointing others?

Hint: It has very little to do with you, and a lot to do with how you were socialized.

Mujeres, we're dealing with the double whammy.

We weren't just raised with the nonsense brought on by the patriarchy, as women of color, we also got inoculated by the BS white-supremacist system of oppression.

Wait, what does this have to do with me?

Girl, more than you may realize.

Think back to what you experienced growing up.  

 Who did you see leading in your homes, in churches, the government, on TV?
 Why were women praised?
 Why were men praised?
 What did it mean to be "a good girl?"
 What did the cool kids look like?


Think about your experience now. 

  Who do you see leading?
What's the name of your CEO?
Who's sitting at the table where decisions are made?
Who's getting promoted and why?

As a Women of Color, chances are: 

 You saw few, maybe even zero, examples of people that looked like you leading or in positions of influence.

 You saw countless examples of women being praised for their caregiving abilities but not for their ambition.

 You saw kids who looked like you being treated like they weren't smart enough. Though, you may have been the "smart one" you internalized the idea that white kids were smarter than Black or Brown kids.

 You were taught you should be happy with what you have. Asking for more meant that you were greedy.

 You may even come from humble beginnings, perhaps you were raised by immigrant parents, with the belief that money was hard to come by and the only way to get ahead was to work hard. 

Sound Familiar?

The thing is, even as a badass successful professional,

Even if you have a deep sense of pride in your heritage and your immigrant struggle, and

Even though you've overcome so much (and are making mucho dinero),

we still have some deep internalized programming that's getting in the way.

And, this programming is the problem.


It's the reason why:

 You experience an overwhelming sense of guilt when you say no or make time for yourself

✦ You're terrified at the idea of disappointing others

 You're insecure in meetings, doubt your ideas and think what you have to say wont be good enough.

 You think you need to speak, dress and act a certain way to get promoted

 You think you and everything you do needs to be perfect.

 The idea of failing at anything makes you want to vomit.

✦ You need to control everything, and think as long as you're in control everything will be fine.

Enough Said. I'm in.

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Girl, I understand.

As a Latina Leader, I've dealt with this same BS. 


And, I'm on a mission  to make it easier for all WOC to succeed.

Which, is why I created 

The Leadership Accelerator


The Leadership Accelerator


The Leadership Accelerator is an all-inclusive 1:1 coaching program, where you'll learn how to do 4 things:

Master your Mind

No more feeling insecure or being terrified of failure.

Master your Emotions

No more being overrun by guilt, anxiety or overwhelm.

Resilience and Stress Mastery

Adios burn out. Get ready to be a stress management ninja.

Leadership 2.0

I'll teach you the nuts and bolts of transformative leadership. 

These four steps include everything you need to become a badass transformative leader AND love your life along the way.

Here's what you'll learn in each module: 

Module 1

Master your Mind:

In this module, I teach you the cognitive tools to deprogram maladaptive habits (like insecurity, self-doubt, and lots more). So you'll never have to deal with this again:

✦ Regardless of your experience, you have the nagging thought: "I'm not good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough."
✦You're afraid to disappoint others so you tell them what they want to hear.
✦ You think you need to be perfect at everything you do, but really you're afraid to feel the shame of rejection.

You'll learn:

 The real motivation behind your actions (it's not as obvious as you think).
 What drives you to say yes when you really want to say no.
 Why you question your decisions and how to start trusting yourself.
✦ What holds you back from achieving your goals and how to create every goal you set.
✦ Self-Coaching: you'll learn a simple and effective cognitive tool that lets you get down to the root cause of your actions. It's scientifically based and grounded in cognitive psychology.



Module 2

Master your Emotions:

In this module you’ll learn why it's important to feel hard feelings and how to do it without falling into a spiral of despair. So you no longer:

 Try to make others happy at the expense of your well being.
 Feel guilty especially when it comes to doing anything for you instead of others.
 Feel like vomiting at the thought of failure.
 Avoid feeling sad, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, and all the other feelings you think are "unproductive".

You'll learn:

✦ The cognitive science behind why we avoid hard feelings.
 A tool for processing all hard emotions (i.e. failure, insecurity, anxiety, shame, overwhelm, sadness, etc.)
 How to turn off the part of your brain responsible for everything you do when you feel triggered, so you can respond thoughtfully instead.
 How to deprogram the socialized thoughts in our brain that leads to feelings of guilt, perfectionism and shame.
 A skill to create self-confidence so you never have to worry about comparing yourself to others.
✦ How to trust yourself and your inner wisdom so you can stop crowdsourcing your decisions and  make choices that align with your integrity.

Module 3

Resilience and Stress Mastery

In this module, you'll learn resiliency and stress-mastery so you:

✦ Get more done with the time you have and not burn out.
✦ Aren't constantly doing a juggling act with your work and personal calendars.
✦ Can stop chasing your to-do lists, or sacrificing sleep to get one more thing done.  
 Can turn off your work brain when you're with your family, and actually be present.
 Aren't constantly in reactive mode, and instead you can be proactive when solving problems.

You'll learn:

✦ Intentional Scheduling: We'll do a time audit and you'll learn how to organize your calendar based on your values and priorities. No more to-do lists or sacrificing sleep (my clients always say this one tool is worth the entire investment)
✦ How to manage stressful human interactions: I'll teach you how to turn off your stress response, and respond calmly when someone pisses you off.
 Intentional Presence: I teach you two simple tools to practice resilience and mindful presence in every day life.

Module 4

Leadership 2.0:

This module focuses on teaching you the nuts and bolts of transformational leadership. Because:

✦ Few people were intentionally taught how to be a compassionate and effective leader.
✦ Even less folks were taught how to negotiate in a way that ensures your needs are met, and both sides win.
✦ And, unless you took a special training (and did a lot of practicing), it's unlikely you were taught how to speak to influence.

You'll learn:

✦ Effective Compassionate Leadership: how to show up authentically and inspire your teams.
✦ Negotiating to Win: how to create win-win negotiations, so you get what you want and no-one leaves angry.
✦ Public Speaking 2.0: You'll learn how to speak to influence, the importance of verbal and non-verbal cues, how to command a room or virtual setting, and how to create effective presentations and power points.
✦ Managing a Winning Team: how to run effective meetings, set team goals, manage projects, keep others accountable, coach and counsel employees.

 Let's do it. I'm in.

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