Episode #7:

F*CK FAILURE... and other things successful Latinxs do

May 19, 2021


Episode #7: F*CK FAILURE... and other things successful Latinxs do

Failure is an inevitable part of every successful Latinx. Even though that's true it's still a miserable thing to experience. No matter how many fluffy inspirational quotes you read about it, nothing makes failure feel good in the moment. But, I refuse to let the fear of failure hold me back and I'm committed to not letting it hold you back either. 

In this episode you'll learn:
  • Why failure feels so bad and why we've been conditioned to fear failure.  
  • What we do to avoid the feeling of failure. 
  • Step by step guide to manage failure so it NEVER HOLDS YOU BACK from achieving your dreams.


Prescription for Latinx Success

Prescription for Latinx Success is dedicated to the advancement of the Latinx community. The podcast uses the perfect combination of science, psychology and thought work to support the personal and professional development of Latinxs. Because when Latinxs succeed, they create programs, jobs and opportunities for their community. And, thriving Latinxs are examples for their communities of what's possible when they work smart, build successful careers, financial freedom, loving families and always stay connected to their heritage. Listen in and learn how you can create financial success, thriving businesses and loving families, and honor your roots.

 Dr. Vanessa Calderón, MD, MPP is a Harvard grad, physician, professional coach, mother of 2, and Latina leader with over two decades of leadership experience. She's a first generation Latina with immigrant roots, who's happily married and has created career and financial success. She's dedicated to uplifting the Latinx community through professional coaching. 

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