Episode #74:

Decolonize Your Brain: Part 1: Colonization and the Colonizer Mentality

October 27, 2022


Episode #74: Decolonize Your Brain: Part 1: Colonization and the Colonizer Mentality


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About the Episode:

One of the most important things we can do to ensure our brain is functioning at its highest capacity is to examine our biases and challenge our limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are exactly what they sound like. They’re thoughts we hold that are limiting our growth and potential.

Limiting beliefs are informed by the things we see and hear around us. For example, if you were raised in a home with traditional gender roles, you may have grown up believing it was the women’s job to care for the home and children. If you were raised in a religious home, you may have internalized specific beliefs about God, guilt, and shame.

There are two systems of oppression that also inform many of our limiting beliefs: patriarchy and colonization.

This month, on my podcast, I’m doing a 3-part series and taking you on a journey to help you better understand colonization and the effect it has had on your brain.

In Part 1 (released this week), I’ll do a brief overview of the history of colonization and introduce you to the concept of the colonizer mentality.

In Part 2 and Part 3, I’ll teach you how to start doing the work of decolonizing your own brain.

Just like the effects of the patriarchy have no gender, the effects of colonization have no race. So whether you consider yourself a person of color or a white body individual, you’ll learn a ton in this series.

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Leadership ability is equally distributed but opportunity to lead is not. This podcast is for all women, those that identify as leaders and those that don't, yet. You'll learn how to let go of guilt and self-doubt so you can show up with confidence everywhere you go. No more questioning if your idea is good enough to share, if it's worth it to speak up, or if you're a good enough leader. All that self-critical B.S. stops now. Listen in as masterful educator and Harvard grad physician, Dr. Vanessa Calderón, teaches you how to let go of the things standing in the way of your success as a leader. Get ready, this podcast will accelerate your personal and professional growth.


Dr. Vanessa Calderón, MD, MPP has over 20 years of leadership experience. She is a Harvard grad, ER physician, Life and Leadership coach, and a mother of 2. She's a first generation Latina and is dedicated to uplifting her community. She's the founder of the Latina Leadership Accelerator, where she uses education and coaching to support the personal and professional development of women at all stages of their lives and careers.


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