Episode #37:

EQ for Leaders and Non-Violent Communication

February 10, 2022


Episode #37: EQ for Leaders and Non-Violent Communication


There's a ton of data to show the more emotionally intelligent you are as a leader, the better your overall metrics are (team dynamics, team engagement, end-of-year revenue) including your happiness, career longevity and sense of purpose.

On this weeks podcast, I bring on a Latina Leader and Mindfulness expert, Paula Castillo MPP, to teach you one incredible skill, Non-Violent Communication, to increase your emotional intelligence and improve your communication.

Listen in and learn:

How emotional intelligence impacts your ability to lead What is Non-violent communication (NVC)? A step-by-step guide on how to use NVC at work and with your kids The power of NVC as a tool for self-compassion Paula Castillo, MPP, is an economics consultant with the World Bank and a Mindfulness Coach. She was born and raised in Bogota, Columbia, and now spends her time in Washington DC with her beautiful family.

Coaching for Latina Leaders

Leadership ability is equally distributed but opportunity to lead is not. This podcast is for all Latina's, those that identify as leaders and those that don't, yet. You'll learn how to let go of guilt and self-doubt so you can show up with confidence everywhere you go. No more questioning if your idea is good enough to share, if it's worth it to speak up, or if you're a good enough leader. All that self-critical B.S. stops now. Listen in as masterful educator and Harvard grad physician, Dr. Vanessa Calderón, teaches you how to let go of the things standing in the way of your success as a leader. Get ready, this podcast will accelerate your personal and professional growth.


Dr. Vanessa Calderón, MD, MPP has over 20 years of leadership experience. She is a Harvard grad, ER physician, Life and Leadership coach, and a mother of 2. She's a first generation Latina and is dedicated to uplifting her community. She's the founder of the Latina Leadership Accelerator, where she uses education and coaching to support the personal and professional development of Latina's and all women of color at all stages of their lives and careers.


Leadership Accelerator

My 8 week skills based professional development program launches February 1st and will only be available as a FREE exclusive offer to my 1:1 clients. If you want in, schedule a consult above. You'll learn:

  • Public Speaking (this is next level, you'll learn how to deliver a talk like you were on a TED stage)
  • Negotiations 2.0
  • Lead and Manage Teams
  • Run effective meetings
  • Master Time and Organize your Life
  • Integrate your work and life like a CHINGONA
  • Master Stress and avoid Burnout
  • Let go of guilt, perfectionism and shame

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