Episode #63:

How Coaching Shattered my World-View and Changed my Life

August 11, 2022


Episode #63: How Coaching Shattered my World-View and Changed my Life


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About the Episode:

When I was first introduced to coaching (feels like forever ago), I had no idea what it was, and I was a bit resistant to the concept.

Since I didn’t know what it was I had a bunch of misconceptions.

I thought I had to legitimately be broken or something needed to be wrong in my life to benefit from coaching. Plus, I thought my life was just fine as it was, so why would I need coaching?

Here's what I realized.

First, no one needs coaching, because no one is broken or needs to be fixed.

Second, you don't know what you don't know. Once I dipped my toe into the coaching pool, my world view was totally shattered for the better. And, every part of my life improved, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my career trajectory, my health…

Third, there are very few things in the world that have a sustained and profound effect on who you are. For me, I'd say there was the me before I got married and the me after, the me before I had kids and the me after, and the me before coaching and the me after.

Going from resisting coaching to embracing how it's improved every part of my life was a journey. One that many aren't familiar with.

So, this month on the podcast, we're doing a 3 part series to introduce you to the transformative power of coaching.

You'll hear my story, where I get super real and vulnerable about my struggles and how coaching helped me overcome them.

And then you get to meet two of my clients and learn from their experiences.

Whether you’re a coaching novice or an expert, I invite you to listen to these episodes as they'll give you a real and honest look into coaching (and a sneak peek into my unique style of coaching).

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Coaching for Latina Leaders

About the Podcast

Leadership ability is equally distributed but opportunity to lead is not. This podcast is for all women, those that identify as leaders and those that don't, yet. You'll learn how to let go of guilt and self-doubt so you can show up with confidence everywhere you go. No more questioning if your idea is good enough to share, if it's worth it to speak up, or if you're a good enough leader. All that self-critical B.S. stops now. Listen in as masterful educator and Harvard grad physician, Dr. Vanessa Calderón, teaches you how to let go of the things standing in the way of your success as a leader. Get ready, this podcast will accelerate your personal and professional growth.


Dr. Vanessa Calderón, MD, MPP has over 20 years of leadership experience. She is a Harvard grad, ER physician, Life and Leadership coach, and a mother of 2. She's a first generation Latina and is dedicated to uplifting her community. She's the founder of the Latina Leadership Accelerator, where she uses education and coaching to support the personal and professional development of women at all stages of their lives and careers.


Leadership Accelerator

Is a 12-week Life and Executive Coaching program that will help you execute at a higher level, thrive in all areas of your life, and improve your self-compassion. You'll be able to:

• Improve your productivity by 60%
• 10X your Emotional Intelligence
• Have more time for the people you love
• Cultivate an unwavering sense of self-compassion

The next cohort starts in Fall 2022. Learn more and join the waitlist here.

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