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How to Be More EffectiveĀ Without Burning Out

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What's actually getting in the way of your happiness (and productivity)


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How to make practical changes that actually stick

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The 4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Happiness and Effectiveness

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"I'm so grateful I took the leap to invest in myself"


"Before my calendar was a disaster, I felt guilty all the time, and I never had enough time with my husband. After working together, I was able to heal and let go of unnecessary guilt, and I had more time on my calendar for people who mattered.  I'm so grateful I took the leap and finally chose to invest in myself." - Dr. Debbie


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Friday,Ā June 28th, 2024 12:00 pm ET (9am PT / 11am CT)

I'm Vanessa Calderon, MD

I was the ultimate hyper-achieving, ambitious leader. 

I graduated with two professional degrees, including a Master's degree from Harvard (because an MD wasn't enough).

I did everything to optimize every second of my day. Within one year of my residency training, I was appointed chief of my department and was offered my first executive role as Chief Medical Officer soon afterward.

I was also a mom of two young kids, which meant I was up working before my kids would awake and back to work they went to sleep. I overworked consistently and with pride. Even though I'd say my family was my first priority, my calendar was overbooked with work commitments, leaving little time for anything else. Though I was hustling, I wasn't achieving the results I wanted in all areas of my life.

I knew there had to be a different way.

Using the tools I now teach in my webinars and courses, I was able to tap into new parts of my brain that helped me improve my productivity and do more with less time.

I'm still ambitious and creating big things, but I am doing so with ease and joy. And, I now have more free time and mental space to be present for the people I love.

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